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Yoga Silk Eye Pillow

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Say hello to soothed, refreshed eyes and mind and body calm.

Made with a restorative blend of soothing cassia seed and naturally zen-inducing lavender, this eye soother from Skiintec can be chilled to banish tired eyes or tame a headache.

Promote a restful sleep, use during Savasana, or as part of your relaxation ritual.

Lavender infused flaxseed gently contours to de-puff and de-stress while silk softens and refines skin.

  • 100% cotton and a silk backing
  • 8"x4" - 24 cm x 11cm
  • For cold therapy, aromatherapy, and calming acupressure
  • Green, Purple, Light Pink

Cassia seeds are a widely used Chinese medicinal herb. It is used primarily to clear heat in the body and is often prescribed for people with bloodshot, irritated, swollen or teary eyes. The cooling effect means that it can be helpful to aid sleep.