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Natural Seaweed Mask

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Look at this stuff... it looks deliciously nutritious!

- It's better with cooling, soothing, fresh kelp seaweed and aloe vera gel.
- Rosemary oil helps to soothe and cleanse while rose absolute keeps skin balanced and calm.
- If the skin is floundering, ground almonds and millet flakes help to exfoliate, buffing away scales and keeping skin bright and looking fresh.
- Honey and glycerine help to attract and retain moisture in your skin, leaving you feeling soft and moisturised.
- A face mask perfect for sensitive skin.

How to use: head to the fridge and make this mask a part of your world. Smooth a generous layer onto the skin, sit back and leave for 10 to 15 minutes, while you dream of an island location with clear water. Rinse away with warm water. Try using alongside other gentle products like our toner water, fresh cleanser, and facial oil.

How to store: Our Fresh Face Masks are made each week in our Lush Kitchens with a whole host of super-fresh ingredients. To ensure the freshest mask possible, store it in the fridge between uses. As we hand make in small batches, you will receive your product with enough time to use within its 28-day shelf life. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly Customer Care Team!

Granules Powder Collagen Beauty Mask Anti Aging Whitening Moisturizing Face Skin Care Seaweed Mask

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