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Bamboo or Charcoal Exfoliating Wash Band

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The Best Way to Get Smooth and Healthy Skin is by exfoliation. We know by exfoliating your skin with a natural scrub or brush, your skin will feel great.

Reaching areas on our back or the backs of our legs, however, if not always, is left out. We find it difficult to reach these areas until now!

Just add a gentle cleanser or mild soap to our Japanese Washbands under the shower or while in the bath to rough off dead skin and grime. The cloths easily foam up to remove dirt from the skin.

The beauty of this Japanese Exfoliating Washband is, they are stretchy so you can apply exfoliation to your back and the back of your legs easily.

The exfoliating cloth can effectively remove dead skin, stimulate blood circulation and wake up the skin (exfoliation).

Our Japanese Washband is Made of 40% Polyester Cotton and 60% Carbon Fibre so it's softer than a loofah or scrubs brush but is exfoliating effective.

The exfoliating washband is Soft to the touch, suitable for sensitive skin such as the face and neck.

Perfectly Cleaning, the special woven fibres do the work. Add your favourite body wash to rub and get rich foam, which can effectively remove oil and grime on the skin surface.