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Ceramic Magic Curling Hair Device

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Brushing, twisting, pinning, pulling and then giving up... might sound familiar trying to get the hairstyle you want. We have all been in this situation. We can agree that styling hair is one of the most difficult ways to start the day.

Today, say goodbye to those stressful steps with our Ceramic Auto Hair Curler!

Watching your hair curl with just a few steps will give you a newfound appreciation for the innovation in these tools!

Say goodbye to the regular hair curling tool.

Your hair will appear smooth and uniformed with an automatic hair curler. The consistent rotations, glamorous curls and soft handling of every strand will make you relaxed.

How the Magic Hair Curler works

If your hair type is straight or wavy, you’ll quickly adapt to the feeling of the curler. However, people with thicker hair don’t need to worry. This auto-rotate hair curler also has temperature adjustment settings to let your hair loosen up and curl according to your preferred hairstyle.

On the flip side, if your hair is soft, you can adjust the temperature and timers to treat it delicately. As long as you understand the necessary treatment of your hair type, you’ll have no problem using the auto-rotate hair curler.

The hair curler has a tendency to create more uniformed curls around your head. This is great if you prefer a more ‘red carpet’, glamorous look. However, there is a certain finesse when your curls have a natural look to them.

Thankfully, the curler is also perfectly capable of creating this look as well. You can simply use the directional buttons to change the way it rotates. Randomising these directions will quickly help you achieve that natural look.

Finally, you’ll be able to avoid spending on unnecessary hair products to achieve those beautiful curls!

Available in multiple colours, you have the chance to choose a curler that matches your beauty colour palette.

No matter how your hair currently looks, the auto hair curler will do wonders for it.

Because all your curls are well-defined, you can expect the look to last all day. As for the science behind the auto curler, it is quite fascinating.

The device uses negative ions and delivers heat to create silky curls in your hair.

Hair Curler Ceramic Auto Rotate Curling Iron Long-lasting Hair Styling Temperature Wave Hair Care Electric Hair Curler

Max. temperature: 220 °C
Power: 40W-59W
Function: Thermostatically Operated
Function: Automatic Power-off
Function: International Voltage
Function: Anti Scalding
Min. temperature: 160 °C
Applicable hair: Dry & wet
Diameter of thermal conductor: 21-30 mm
Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode: 360° Rotatable
Material of thermal plate/bar: Tourmaline ceramic
Power Source: electric
Voltage: 210-240V
Service life of thermal plate/bar: 20,000-50,000 times