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Cooling Ice Globes

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Puffy face? Open Pores? Sore skin? These are common symptoms if you've just had an exfoliating skincare treatment, had a long bath or shower, or even if you just had a rough night out. In these situations, a cooling massage can be a great way to get you looking like yourself again. Keep them in the fridge for easy access when you need them the most.

Cold treatments shrink your pores and contracts the blood vessels in your skin. This fights inflammation and improves your skin tone and texture. 

Dermatologist recommendation:

Always finish your skincare routine with a cooling treatment. This closes your pores and locks in the moisture that you've just added. It also prevents dirt and other impurities from entering your newly cleansed pores. This is extra important if you've just exfoliated your skin.

Available colours: Blue, Purple, White, Pink


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