Our Story


Skiintec™ came out of our passion for home spa's and the fascination growing towards new technological advances in devices. The sky rocketing prices of salon treatments and their toxic environment concluded our ideas. We could see technology coming, supporting our individual health and deciding how much easier it is to support our skin care at home (self care) we opted for home use applications. The surge in skin lotions across the world told us we were given a lie in the expensive salon treatments -- and our skin mattered. Instead of the expensive occasional visit, only privileged could afford, that were few and far between. We wanted to better serve the everyday person, so to specialise in electrical devices with our knowledge, we provide electronic skincare for home use. 

Skiintec™ team could see the quality and pricing of skincare and beauty treatments was increasing and our list of ever growing toxic salon experiences gave an objective. What if we could provide the self care spa treatment ourselves, as we felt that it was unacceptable that the price of the treatments sometimes exceeded the price of the device itself. We thought to ourselves that "If we want to support our skin and wellbeing, these treatments can help, so we might as well invest in the actual device itself so that we can save money in the long term and get the treatments as often as we would like". We knew that ordinary people like you and me can get extraordinary results with at home devices and use our self care sessions as home spas -- with the devices and our lotions. With help from dermatologist and skin care professionals, we'll keep striving to deliver high quality skincare treatments at an affordable price.



Our company has started off small and as we keep an eye on the pulse of skincare and technology. We are located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and know about the challenges Australian's have with ageing, skin care, and finding affordable results, that we provide solutions to. We feel what was more in line with our vision, we want to be able to deliver the best products and services as possible and we really feel that this new location is a place where we will be able to grow and improve as a and company. Our new location is more spacious, easily recognisable and offers all the amenities that our employees could ever ask for. Second to our customers, our employees are the most important thing to us and we know that in order for them to best serve our customers they will have to be happy and excited to go to work every day. This is why we are always going to watch out for our employees just as if they were our real family. Because to us they are.

If you are a customer in our neighbourhood, feel free to stop by and say hello. We are always happy to meet and talk to you about your experience with our products, shipping, and services. 



One of the most important things to us is that our customers receive the best quality product as possible. There is no reason why a home treatment can't be as effective or even better than a treatment performed in a salon. The added bonus is that you provide your own skin care treatment as many times and as frequent as you'd like -- which will give you even better results than if you went to the salon a couple of times a year.  We are so confident in our products and their quality that we offer a 2-year warranty on all products bought from our website. This in addition to our 60-day return policy makes the value we are offering hard to beat. Our goal is to always deliver more value than we take so whenever we feel that there is something missing or if we come up with a new and improved way of doing things for our customers, we will do it. 



Life-long advocates of environmental responsibility, our carbon footprint is practically why we started Skiintec™ and our other eco-friendly businesses. While we are well aware that running an online store that ships a lot of products all over the world, we balance out what is not the best thing for the environment with a long term goal to planting trees. We are committed to the goal that supports 100% renewable energy by the year 2025. We feel that this is an achievable goal and we are already doing our best to avoid unnecessary shipping which is why we have dispersed our products amongst a series of warehouses around the world. All in order to make deliveries faster and shorter and thus having a smaller climate footprint always balanced out with tree planting. We are always taking action to sustainable practices. 




Thank you!

We are incredibly grateful for interest in our story, our products and valued support. We will continue to develop our product base, our practices, our team, with your best interests.