Beauty Treatments With Our Daughters

Beauty Treatments With Our Daughters

spa day at home with your daughter can be memorable indeed, for quality mom-daughter time. With covid lockdowns, this gives us the time. 

What better way to bond with your daughter than to have your very own spa day from the comfort of your own home? Or it's a great treating mom day at the same time.

There are so many ways to get the same relaxation and pampering effect right at home, at a fraction of the cost of a busy spa. The great thing about having a spa day at home is that you can try new things, having fun in the experience. 

There are many ways that you can recreate the same relaxing and luxurious feeling that you get when you go to an expensive and prestigious spa.

If you love the warm towels and lotions that they apply at the spa, all you have to do is place your own towels and lotions over a heating vent.

Some really nice things to do (like a salon treatment) is to place your towels in the dryer or facecloths in boiling hot water, for a refreshing cleansing cloth.  

Keep your lotion warm so will be runnier than normal (because it is warm), is well worth the luxury feeling as you enjoy the pampering warmth.

Don't forget your beautiful hair! Have a preparation available to moisturise your hair, so you can leave it in overnight to really penetrate the hair is a real game changer.

While it's great to add Shower Steamers in your shower to start the regime, keeping the bathroom door while the shower is running on for about 20 minutes the steam will also help to clear out your sinuses, making you feel refreshed.

We have our sauna blanket for the weekend spa treatment (more on this in another blog post) which could go well with a weekend retreat. 


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