She’s Got Nice Skin!

She’s Got Nice Skin!

Numerous surveys have shown men see good complexion as a sure sign of good health.

Most men pay attention to the way a woman’s skin looks. 

In addition to your smile, and your teeth, skin is another indication of personal hygiene. Men often relay their attraction with "her smile" or "her skin" that they see first.

From early on, boys notice. When Ron Weasley asks Harry Potter what Dean sees in his sister, Ginny… Harry’s answer is also revealing his feelings for Ginny (She’s smart, funny, attractive). But more to the point, “you know, she’s got nice skin!”

Ron replies, sharing his feelings… “Hermione’s got nice skin… You know, as far as skin goes”. Harry Potter answers, “I - I’ve never thought about it before. But now that you mentioned it, yeah”. 

In boy talk… they’re talking about their feelings for the girls they like and what is attractive to them — ie, what they like to see that to them, is beautiful! Their skin!

In our own home environment, with our friends and family, there is a closeness where we don't hide our inner beauty - because it comes through our personality, naturally, and like Hermione, when a boy starts to see that, he possibly notices beauty as in clear skin.

Cleansing our skin morning and night, plays a big role in keeping bacteria in check. We have the benefit of using cleansing brush devices today, or a konjac, which makes our skin feel wonderfully clean and soft.


We have to admit where we've become complacent in our health or beauty routine to change our skin. 

So don’t ignore the inner beauty you create through health, skin care and find a set of beauty devices, products, to improve your natural glow yourself.  

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