An Evening Relaxation Technique

An Evening Relaxation Technique

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You Know, Health & Wellness begin at home, Right?

Only to discover TIME is the usual transporting link for getting the down time for recovery health in wellness. devices that support natural body functions for inner and outer health and wellness.

Being at home should be a calming time, but for the simple truth, that unless you live alone, you usually cannot control what happens there. There are going to be days where you’re most likely going to get more stressed out when things don't go as planned. There could be dishes to do, sections of your place isn't as clean as it was two days ago, perhaps you've got your kids to worry about, someone is sick and a spouse that may just want to be with you all the time.

It’s hard to do everything in your spa routine and while a skincare routine is not always going to happen, if we can manage a little time for ourselves, it will be worth it. 

Home is for Relaxation

Three tips on how you can relax while at home:

1. Be listen to something. If you ever find yourself wanting to get into the mood for relaxation your attention could be put into the mood by listening to something soothing. Dishes, laundry, cleaning, or anything of this nature requires only a little percent of your attention span. Don’t waste that time, instead destress your mind and travel to another world. Put on a meditation, find a playlist, or ask Alexa for a song selection to start the wind down. 

2. You can call it anything but make the time. Ok this idea is one that can work if done right. Here’s how it works you tell you kids that they have 30 mins to do something, they can’t talk to you about it, and have to focus on getting it done for 30 mins. If you are able to get it to work you train your child to be productive and learn to focus, and you get 30 minutes of peace. Otherwise, put on an educational app and say play, you have about 22–32 minutes before they get bored or have a question.

3. Don’t bring work into the space with you. This is a tougher idea for a lot of people to understand. Work happens when you are at work, and your work is important to you. Thinking about work is natural, as the relaxation starts to flush up what needs attention. This is perfectly alright if you can notice the thoughts and remain focussed on the meditation letting go of what your mind thinks is important.

4. Prepare your room with scents, candle-light and low lights. Thinking about your space in a spa or minimalist way, will help set the tone of your time. It should be comfortable and clean, and have a blanket and towels nearby to use as you need. 

5. Cleanse your skin with a bath or shower. Clearing away your day with water is also part of letting go of the stress. Be mindful about the temperature; warm water if it's a cold day, cool water if it's hot. Add epsom salts, essential oils, some bath oil and soak for a while listening to something you enjoy. After you get out, don't dry yourself... wrap the towel around you and lay on your bed.

6. Add your mask and start the beauty treatments. By adding a sheet mask or seaweed mask, you can roll over the product with a beauty device. This is relaxing as it feels nurturing. Your body wrapped under the blanket will dry naturally soaking up the oils from your bath while your face gets hydrated from the mask. 

Enjoy this down time and tell me how it was for you.

Find ways to block out a good section of time, and remember that you'll get back to work at another time - this is the strength of your mind. That being said, your mind will want to find answers while you have this time to order your productivity with the clarity of a breathing space. Only this is not the mind space you want for relaxation -- that deeper relaxation that releases burdens and makes you feel renewed.

Okay, these things are obviously a little easier said than done, but if you devote some time to not taking your work into the space with you, you are teaching your mind to focus, and this investment in your well being is the existential clarity most people want when they go on retreat. If you can do this at home, you will feel great! You are going to live a much less stressed out life.

With the benefits of modern Technology and new skin care treatments, add a device to your serums will compliment the time you have made for your personal wellbeing. Adding to your skin care products a personal device or two for your unique needs to use in the comfort of your own home almost adds value and assurance. We believe this can feel like the beginning of the best version of you.

Beautiful personal devices that support your unique needs in the comfort of your own home ads value to a self care routine we often dream of escaping just to feel. Owning your own personal devices can feel like the beginning of the best version of you. Including this to support your wellness over weekends will get better over time. 

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